Read First!

Welcome to the State Database of Contractor, Consultant, and Service Provider Website! The State Database for the Registration, Categorization and Classification of State Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers is an online system that Registers, Categorizes and Classifies Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (CCSPs) doing business or intending to do business with the Adamawa State Government of Nigeria. To register your company on the system, you are require to carry out the following process.

  1. Sign up using your Email address and password, on completion, a temporary activation link shall be sent to your Email Address provided.
  2. Check your email and click the link to activate your account, you will be redirected to BPP registration page and provide the following data of your company;
    • Company Registration Details with CAC
    • Company Registration No. with CAC
    • Upload CAC certificate of Registration
    • Select company type and upload particulars of directors and secretary for Limited Liability Company only
    • Select Business classification type and submit your Registration
    • Print your BPP Reference Number for verification
    • All payments should be made into the Adamawa State Pay Direct Integrated Revenue Collection Platform at any Bank and collect e-payment ticket and bring same to the BPP for receipting.
    Based on verified company data, the company is classified by their relative level of competence i.e. delivery strength, financial strength, experience, equipment base, personnel, etc
  3. Those who register are to come to the Bureau for verification and collection of their certificate
Any false declaration and submission could lead to prosecution, debarment and disqualification for 10 years from public procurement in line with the provisions of section 58 of sub 4 (f) of 2013